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Stingray & Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machines, Professionally Designed with the Artist in Mind

InkMachines’s Dragonfly and Stingray are rotary tattoo machines designed by artists, for artists. We have improved on every annoyance that you may have experienced with coil machines in the past, from the weight, to the noise, to the frustration of changing cams.

The Dragonfly Tattoo Machine

Designed with the tattoo artist in focus and manufactured with the highest quality materials and components available. The Dragonfly tattoo machine is a state-of-the-art rotary based tattoo machine with features that make it stand apart over the alternatives:

  • The adjustable suspension system allows the needle’s hitting force to be modified on-the-fly
  • Ergonomically designed, low noise, light weight, and able to accept standard grips
  • A needle bar retrainer and ability to accept standard tubes, needles, and power supplies with RCA or clipcord

We are proud to promote the most complete tattoo machine ever made and back it with a 12 month manufacturer warranty.

The Stingray Tattoo Machine

Although the Stingray tattoo machine looks very similar to the Dragonfly, it is a completely new type of tattoo machine with a Desmodromic roller cam system. The Stingray’s cam system makes your rotary tattoo machine complete customizable, giving you the ability to change cams and the stroke length in minutes, and it creates a smooth needle motion that is perfect for lining and color packing. This new design gives the Stingray greater precision and consistency than a coil machine, all without the aggressive sound and uncomfortable weight.