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Please note: None of our Piercing supplies are sterilized!

Wholesale Body Piercing Supplies, Dermal Anchors & Piercing Needles

Here at National Tattoo Supply, we offer a wide selection of professional-grade body piercing supplies for wholesale prices. Aside from our trademark tattoo supplies, machines, inks, and tools, we can provide you all the tools you will need for safe and quality body piercings, ring openers to piercing needles, to jewelry and corks, as well as a wide variety of hemostats. We also carry piercing aftercare products from reputable brands.

Dermal Anchor Piercing Tools

We have high quality dermal anchor hemostats, forceps, multi-size forceps, V-notch dermal anchor hemostats, and blunt nose dermal anchor hemostats in a variety of sizes, for all different kinds of body piercings.

Ring Openers/Ring Closers

Find a variety of styles for ring openers and ring closers here at National Tattoo Supply. With our quality products, you'll be able to guarantee slip and snag-free piercings, and can find it easier to work on different tasks, whether small or large piercings.

Piercing Jewelry

From ball closed rings and titanium dermal anchors to surgical steel nostril jewelry and labrets, we offer piercing jewelry in different styles and uses.


Whether you need sponge forceps or Pennington forceps, we have all the tools you need for body piercing, in a selection of sizes and types.


Hemostats are common tools used to hold the jewelry for easy insertion into piercings on the eyebrow, nose, lip, navel, ear, and tongue. Available in a variety of colors, any item from our selection is guaranteed for rust-free, long-term use.

Receiving Tubes

Receiving tubes are used for piercings that require back pressure and accuracy. Whether you need disposable or stainless steel receiving tubes, you can find safe, professional body piercing supplies for wholesale prices here at National Tattoo.

Piercing Corks

Corks offer pressure support for the piercing site and prevent the needle from accidentally puncturing you. Whether for nasal or oral piercings, we provide several sizes of piercing corks for different uses.


Find a wide variety of piercing tapers in different gauge sizes and lengths here at National Tattoo Supply. Our high quality products are guaranteed to hold and secure the piercing jewelry in place and help your customers feel comfortable with their piercings.

Miscellaneous Piercing Tools

Aside from the wide variety of basic body piercing supplies we offer, we also have miscellaneous items such as bead tweezers, gauge wheels, calipers, and more.

Piercing Aftercare Products

Help your customers reduce their healing time and feel more comfortable with our selection of high quality aftercare products. We have H2Ocean hypoallergenic aftercare spray, as well as X-Pressions antibacterial and antimicrobial products for internal and external piercings.

Piercing Jewelry Forceps Hemostats
Many Styles and Sizes
Pennington and Sponge Forceps
Several Sizes Available
Piercing Corks Dermal Anchor Piercing Tools Piercing Aftercare
Available in 3 Sizes
Tools for Dermal Anchor Piercing
Tattoo Goo and H2Ocean Products
Piercing Needles Receiving Tubes Ring Openers / Ring Closers
2" Straight Piercing Needles
Disposable and Stainless Steel
Several Styles Available
Tapers Miscellaneous Piercing Tools
6 Sizes Available
Bead Tweezers, Gauge Wheels, Calipers, etc.