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Tattoo Medical and Sterilization Supplies

As a professional tattooist, you know that the proper sterilization of tubes, tips, grips and other tattoo supplies is essential to providing your clients with a clean and sanitary experience. From Autoclaves and ultrasonic tanks to gloves and aftercare products, National Tattoo Supply carries the best in medical supplies products.

At National Tattoo, we offer a wide variety of sterilization supplies for tattooing. Take a look at our product list to get a better idea of our selection:

Tattoo Sterilization Supplies

Autoclaves and Accessories: The Tuttnauer 1730 ValueKlave is available at National for a great low price! We also stock Chamber Brite autoclave cleaner. A complete line of autoclave pouches from Crosstex and Defend along with spore test kits will keep your tattoo supplies and equipment sterile.

Barrier Products: A great selection of barrier products including tattoo machine bags, clipcord tubing and barrier film for reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Faucet ControlsAvailable in two sizes, Instant-Off faucet controls will help you avoid cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch faucet handles.

Impulse Heat Sealer and Parts: For those who prefer to use sterilization tubing, the impulse heat sealer is a must have.

Ultrasonic Tanks and Accessories: National Tattoo Supply stocks a full range of Branson Ultrasonic Tanks and supplies such as mesh baskets and beaker holders. We also carry some Crest Ultrasonic Tank replacement parts.

Stainless Steel Trays: Our stainless steel trays come with lids and are available in three sizes. Great for tattoo instruments and tools.

Tattoo Medical Supplies

Disinfectants and Cleaners: National Tattoo carries a huge selection of disinfectants and cleaners including green soap, Dettol, Benz-all, MadaCide and Sani-Cloth HB. We also carry Alconox for use in ultrasonic cleaning.

Gloves: Quality gloves such as Black Jack latex and Black Shadow nitrile exam gloves are available.

Ointments:Top-Quality aftercare products are essential to heal and maintain your tattoo artwork. You can find such brands as Tattoo Goo, Hustle Butter and H2Ocean as well as A&D Ointment and Petroleum Jelly here at National Tattoo Supply.

Sharps BoxesSharps Boxes for the safe disposal of needle bars and piercing needles are a necessity. Several sizes and styles including horizontal drop are available along with bio-hazard bags.

Bandages and Tape:From telfa and gauze bandages to Transpore and Micropore tape we have all you need to help properly heal and protect your superior tattoo artwork.

Tongue Depressors: We carry sterile tongue depressors and glass jars for storage.

Lap Cloths: Lap cloths are a great disposable sanitary tattoo supply item.  We offer several sizes and varieties.

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