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A Complete Line of Tattoo Machine Needle Bars, Cartridges and Loose Needles

National Tattoo Supply offers a wide selection of stainless steel tattoo needle bars, from 4 1/2” (without the needle) to 5 7/8” (with the needle):

  • Round shaders
  • Curved shaders
  • Flat shaders
  • Round liners

Whether you are looking for bug pins, shader needle bars, liner needle bars, or plain bars without soldered needles, we will ship it to ready-to-use in a sanitized blister pack. National's Premium Tattoo Needles offer superior quality at a great price! We are also proud to be a North American distributor for KWADRON Needles. On top of that, we offer high quality needle cartridges for use with most tattoo machines.

We have 3 lengths of needle bars available.

Loose Tattoo Needles

We stock a large variety of loose tattoo needles including bug pins, stainless steel select and carbon steel super sharps.

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Cheyenne Craft Cartridge 13 Round Shader Cheyenne Craft Cartridge 17 Magnum Soft Edge Cheyenne Craft Cartridge 3 Round Liner