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Jack started tattooing professionally in 1975.  His mentor was Goodtime Charlie Cartwright.  Jack's studio, Goodtime Charlie's Tattooland, is located in Anaheim, California.  Jack's work has been featured in numerous Tattoo magazines, and he has appeared on TV on several occasions promoting the art of tattoo.  jack has given many lectures at the National Tattoo Association's Conventions over the years.  Although he does do color tattoos, he is best known for his black and gray shading work.  He has received many awards for his outstanding tattooing.  It is our pleasure to offer the following flash by Jack Rudy, and also a set by Jack and Filip Leu, another well known and very talented tattooist from Lausanne, Switzerland.
Jack Rudy Flash 1982 Jack Rudy Flash 1984 Jack Rudy Flash 1987
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Jack Rudy Flash 1989 Jack Rudy Flash 1990 Jack Rudy Flash 1992
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Jack Rudy Flash 1993 Jack Rudy Flash 1994 Jack Rudy / Filip Leu Flash 1995
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