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Sterilization Equipment for a Cleaner Tattoo Shop

Clients put a lot of faith in the hands of their tattoo artists; not only are they trusting the artist to permanently mark their skin, they are trusting the artist with their health. Autoclave sterilization brings the same technology used by hospitals into your tattoo shop, allowing you to quickly and reliably sterilize your needles, bars, tubes, and other equipment. Our Tuttnauer autoclave is a great fit for any shop looking for affordable sterilization equipment that is still the top of the line; heat, steam, and high pressure eliminate infectious bacteria from metal surfaces in as little as 11 minutes.

Once the materials are sterilized, they are sealed until the artist is ready for a client; be sure to store all equipment in sterilized pouches, available by Crosstex and Defend, after they have been through the autoclave. Testing of the equipment is required as proof of sterilization, and all tattoo artists must show they are compliant with state regulations. A spore test kit, however, is all you need for proper testing. Simply send the testing strip to a reputable testing service, and the resulting report is proof of compliance.

Outfit your tattoo shop with a Tuttnauer autoclave and its accessories, and insure that the trust your clients have in you is well-placed.