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Tattoo Supply Accessories

Find professional grade tattoo supplies and accessories for all aspects of tattooing here at National Tattoo. From our high-quality, Made in America Arm Rests to thermal copier and hectograph paper, we have everything you need for your tattoo shop.  

Drawing and Stencil Making Supplies

We carry only the best Made in the USA thermal copier and hectograph paper for making tattoo transfers.  The Imager copier is a solid, easy to use copier that will last for years to come.  National Tattoo also refurbishes older model 3M Secretary and Standard thermal copiers.  We carry a complete line of replacement parts for these units including thermal copier bulbs, belts, switches and carriers. 

Tattoo Flash Art

Inspire your clients with ideas provided by tattoo flash art sheets and posters.  National Tattoo carries design sheets by talented tattoo artists such as Jacky Rudy, Filip Leu, Aaron Bell, Apache Jil Tong, Robert Hernandez, Henry Buro, Shane Hart, Brian Everett, and more.  We also stock a large selection of Adam Kaplan flash sheets and full color posters.

Tattoo Flash Display Racks and Albums

You'll need somewhere to display your tattoo flash artwork and National's tattoo flash racks are a great choice.  From wall mount to counter top and floor display, we have a flash rack perfect for your tattoo shop or studio.  If your looking for a portable way to display your design sheets while travelling, we also offer albums in two sizes.

Tattoo Studio Furniture

National's adjustable arm rest is made entirely in the USA, as is our incline back board.  We are also proud to be an authorized distributor for Oakworks, manufacturers of high-quality massage tables, massage chairs, saddle stools and rolling stools. 

Tattoo Gauges

Spring tension gauges are a must for all serious tattoo artists because it takes the guess work out of adjusting your tattoo machine.  National's precision point feeler gauge, specifically made for the tattooist, is used to determine the gap between the contact screw and spring contact point.  We also carry a drill gauge to aid in the making of tattoo needle bars.

Soldering Equipment

National Tattoo has all the supplies you need for soldering your own needle bars from solder flux, silver solder and soldering irons to eye loupes, mag needle forceps and needle grouping jigs.  

Plastic Bottles

2 oz. to 8 oz. plastic squeeze bottles, bottle storage racks, plastic wide mouth jars and red tip and twist to open spouts are all in stock at National Tattoo.  We also carry spray bottles and Nalgene plastic wash bottles with spouts that are great for use with green soap.

National Tattoo Clothing

National's line of branded clothing includes heavy sweatshirts designed but Greg Skibo and t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and bowling shirts designed by Shane Hart.  We also carry baseball style hats featuring our National Eagle logo in a variety of colors.

Lighted Signs

TecNeon signs feature the look of a neon sign but are actually a back-lit sign that comes with two easy to change fluorescent bulbs.  National carries a Tattoos sign and an Open sign which look great in any tattoo shop window.

Temporary Tattoos

National Tattoo Supply carries a large selection of temporary tattoo design sheets featuring artwork by J.D. Crowe.  We also stock temporary tattoo stencil packs and supplies.


Good lighting is essential for a tattoo shop station.  National Tattoo carries a bright, adjustable arm LED work lamp and a desktop magnifier lamp.

Tattoo Collectibles and Plaques

National Tattoo Association members can purchase their NTA membership plaques here.  In addition to the members only plaques, we also carry a walnut certificate plaque for non-members.  Norman Rockwell's "The Tattoo Artist" is featured on a collectible plate and music box.

Razors and Shavers

National Tattoo Supply stocks Bic disposable shavers and Diane straight razors and blades for prepping your customers for their tattoos.

Tattoo Tube Cleaning Brushes

Available individually or in a set, our tattoo tube cleaning brushes are the best quality available on the market.

Tattoo Post Cards and Greeting Cards

Bright, crisp photos taken by photographer Richard Todd are available in sets of greeting cards and post cards.