National Tattoo Supply Inc. was established in August 1974 in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York. With the support, advice and guidance of such notable tattooists as the late Terry Wrigley, Bob Shaw and Peter Tat 2 Poulos we were able to set the professional standards of this company. We still do not advertise in any media format.

We sell our products to both members and non-members of the National Tattoo Association, Inc. You do NOT need to be a member of the NTA to buy from National. Our only requirement is that you be a professional tattoo artist. In February of 1991 we moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania. Our business flourished and in September of 2001 we moved to a larger facility. We are now located at: 485 Business Park Lane, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18109-9120.

Over the past few years we have added hundreds of new products. We are always looking for the best in tattoo equipment and supplies and we welcome any suggestions from you. We want to thank you, our valued customer and friend, for your part in the success of this company. We promise to continue to offer the products that you require at the best possible cost to you.

We ask that you continue to allow us to serve you and that you do your best to maintain the professional standards so important to the future well-being of the tattoo profession.

Thank You

Don & Flo Makofske Co-Founders & Owners of National Tattoo Supply, Inc.