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Fuel Your Tattoo Ideas with Popular Tattoo Books & Magazines

National Tattoo Supply stocks a huge collection of tattoo books and related publications. Our library of books and tattoo magazines is the perfect place to start when you begin to design a tattoo, when your client needs help brainstorming tattoo ideas, or for anyone interested in the world of tattooing. Find books by Don Ed Hardy, Bob Baxter, Kate Hellenbrand, and Spider Webb, just to name a few. Popular titles featuring tattoo artwork by Sailor Jerry Collins and Filip Leu are also available.

Don Ed Hardy Books

Don Ed Hardy's hardcover book Art For Life and his classic book Forever Yes are both in stock at National Tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo Books

National stocks many full color tattoo books with dragons as the subject. From 100 Dragons by Horimouja, to The Best Dragons by Guido Baldini, find fantastic dragon tattoo art to inspire that next tattoo.

Japanese Tattooing Books

Japanese style tattoo designs can be found in books by Horimouja, including 100 Japanese Tattoo Designs Volume 2, 100 Japanische Tattoo-Motive, and Bloody Japanese Prints. National also has a large selection of books such as Horisyoshi III: One Points, Tattooing from Japan to the West, and Bushido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo by Takahiro Kitamura.

Sailor Jerry Collins Books

Sailor Jerry has become one of the most popular subjects for tattoo books, such as Sailor Jerry Tattoo Stencils volumes 1 and 2 by Kate Hellenbrand. National Tattoo is proud to stock these stencils, as well as occasionally stocking the Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash books.

Miscellaneous Tattoo Books and Publications

Franklin Paul Rogers, Madame Chinchilla, Steve Bonge, Mitch O'Connell, and Henk Schiffmacher books are also available at National Tattoo Supply, and both artists and customers can keep current with tattoo trends and news with tattoo magazines like Tattoos Down Under or the annual Tattoo Revival.