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Healing Ointment for Tattoos and Piercings

Newly-inked tattoos result in raw and sensitive skin, and careless scratching can cause as much damage to your shop’s reputation as it can to your client’s skin. Recommend the appropriate tattoo cream, and help smooth the transition between your client’s healing and that moment when they are ready to remove their bandage and show off your work. Proper aftercare for tattoos is key to your client’s happiness and your business’s success.

A&D Healing Ointment comes in convenient sizes that can be either sold or given to clients after they receive their tattoos. This lanolin-based ointment for tattoos will keep skin supple and soft while the skin heals.

Wrenchers Body Shop Lotion is a botanically-based skin lotion designed to condition and hydrate the skin without greasy or oily residue. Natural aloe, shea, and avocado oils work together to create an amazing moisturizer with no chemical odors.

Aquaphor by Eucerin heals and protects newly-tattooed skin. It is fragrance-free, will not cause irritation, and has long been recommended by doctors for skin healing.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is made from all natural ingredients. It's naturally organic and was made to replace petroleum based lubricants. It can be used before the tattoo begins to soften the skin. This helps with the application of color. It will not remove stencils, and it minimizes redness and swelling.

Tattoo Goo Salve and tattoo lotion are used to help preserve your client’s skin and your handiwork.

H2Ocean combines USP grade ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals for a water-based and vegan friendly antibacterial cream.

Vasocaine is perfect for clients that bruise easily or have had their work done on sensitive areas of the body. The most powerful over-the-counter anesthetic on the market will reduce pain, irritation, bruising, and inflammation in a single spray.

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Wrenchers Body Shop "Babied Hands" Lotion - 8 oz. Pump
8 oz. Pump