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Outfit Your Shop With Customer-Inspiring Tattoo Patterns

The best way to get visitors talking about your shop and keep it in the front of their mind is by giving them the inspiration to start thinking about design. National Tattoo Supply offers a huge selection of tattoo flash sheets, window sheets, price sheets, and posters to ensure that those who pass by and walk in your shop are already imagining the work they would like you to do for them. Customers can choose the tattoo patterns as-is or use them for brainstorming; either way, your artists will not have to be designing blind.

We offer both black & white and full-color tattoo patterns for your customer’s arms, legs, back, or chest, all by leading artists.


Aaron Bell: From black and white tribal prints to colorful tattoo designs featuring bonus collaboration sets by Marty Holocomb and Edward Lee, we've got all the flash sheets you need from this great artist.

Adam Kaplan: Whether your customers wish to have a zodiac sign tattoo or a colorful symbol, they'll appreciate the designs created by Adam Kaplan. We have a wide variety of tattoo flash sheets and posters on hand.

Adam Shields: For classic prints that are sure to be an asset to your collection, we offer tattoo flash designs by Adam Shields. Each set contains 10 full color 11x14 sheets with line drawings.

Alan Matthews: If it's black and white drawings you're looking for, you can't go wrong with Alan Matthew's designs. We have classic symbols, as well as zodiac, mythical, religious, Asian-inspired, and many other styles.

Apache Jil: Known for her highly detailed portraits, pinups, wildlife, and mythological art, Apache Jil is a formidable tattoo artist who's considered a leader in the industry. We have a wide assortment of her black and white and full-color tattoo flash designs.

Brian Everett: Need a guide for realistic portraits and black and white art? National Tattoo Supply is proud to offer the designs of premier tattooist, Brian Everett.

Dan Brown: For gorgeous, unforgettable artistic renditions, National Tattoo offers Dan Brown's flash set that includes 8 sheets of 11x14" black and white designs.

Dan Foerester: From mythical beings, to majestic birds, iconic wildlife, and haunting skull drawings, Dan Foerester illustrates his undeniable talent in these one of a kind flash sheets.

Henry Buro: Another great artist, Henry Buro captures the wild, complex nature of wild and mythical creatures in both color and black and white.

Jack Rudy: Featured in countless tattoo magazines, Jack Rudy is famous for his black and gray shading work and has received many awards for his art.

Kari Barba: With over 100 awards to her name and recognized all over the world for her exceptional artistry, we feature stunning designs by Kari Barba through two sets of flash sheets.

Mao & Cathy: With tattoo parlors in existence since 1980, Mao & Cathy has been recognized in the industry for its incredibly detailed work and outstanding designs.

Robert Hernandez: We are proud to offer black and white and full color tattoo flash sheets from renowned tattooist, Robert Hernandez.

Ron Akers: Be inspired by the intricate black and white art of Ron Akers in our set of black and white design flash sheets.

Shane Hart: You'll be amazed at the high quality designs and colors used by premier tattooist Shane Hart in his full color art. We offer 3 sets of full color design sheets from the artist.

Alexey Surkov: For authentic Russian and Slavic designs, look no further than the flash sets from renowned tattoo artist, Alexey Surkov.

Wade Wiley: Another artist who specializes in black and white tattoo art, Wade Wiley is known for his highly detailed work and shading technique.

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