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The National Eagle Tattoo Machine is a modified version of our Swing-Gate Machine which was designed by renowned tattooist Bob Shaw. It is also designed for easy changing of tubes and needle bars.

  • Tattoo Machines

    Custom Handmade Tattoo Machines

    Find professional grade tattoo machines and accessories for all aspects of tattooing here at National Tattoo. Whether you're looking for branded models, high quality tattoo machines and parts, or machine racks, cases, and bags, we've got the products you need. We carry a wide range of machines, parts, and accessories from all the top names, including Stigma-Rotary® and Dragonfly. We're also an Authorized Dealer of the Swiss Tattoo Machine.

    National Tattoo Machines, Frames, Kits, and Rebuild Kits

    From brass, to super light aluminum, and titanium, precision swing-gate, to engraved, and Mako machine kits, you can be sure that the products we carry are manufactured using top quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Designed by renowned craftsmen and tattooists, you can be sure that we only carry solid, heavy-duty machines that are suited for professional use. Custom Tattoo machines with personalized engraving and left hand machine frames also are available.

    National Tattoo Machine Parts

    Looking for tubes, tips, grips, armature bars, capacitors, coils, springs, and other miscellaneous machine parts? We've got the supplies and accessories you need. We carry spare parts for a wide selection of National Machines, including those exclusive to the Fly Weight and Deluxe models.

    Swiss Rotary Machines

    As an Authorized Dealer of the Swiss Tattoo Machine, we carry only original, high quality parts from the manufacturer. Ideal for today's top tattoo professionals, our selection of tattoo guns weigh less and produce less noise and vibration compared to other machines. Swiss Rotary models are suited for lining, shading, coloring, and a wide range of other tattooing techniques.

    Stigma-Rotary® Tattoo Machines

    Why be limited when you can get so much more? Stigma-Rotary® machines are versatile, allowing you to line, color, and shade with just a simple turn of a screw. With low vibration and noise as well as improved handling and flexibility, tattoo guns from this brand are ergonomic, well-balanced, easy to use, and require no tuning. We also carry Stigma-Rotary® excenters and parts.

    Dragonfly Tattoo Machines

    Designed with the professional tattoo artist in mind and manufactured using only high quality materials and components, Dragonfly rotary-based machines are chosen by some of the world's top tattooists and considered among the best in the industry. All machines come with an Oil and Allen key kit and 12-month manufacturer warranty.

    Tattoo Machine Accessories

    Whether they spend most of their time in the shop or travel across different cities on a regular basis, professional tattoo artists will appreciate our wide selection of top quality tattoo gun accessories. We have everything from clear plastic holders, machine racks, and Blaq Paq tattoo travel bags, to foam-filled equipment cases in different sizes and dimensions.

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National Tattoo Supply Eagle Tattoo Machine FRAME
National Eagle Tattoo Machine FRAME
Our Price: $144.00
Sale Price: $115.20
Savings: $28.80

National Eagle Tattoo Machine FRAME